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L'Oeuvre - Domaine des Broix
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L'Oeuvre - Domaine des BroixL'Oeuvre - Domaine des BroixL'Oeuvre - Domaine des BroixL'Oeuvre - Domaine des BroixL'Oeuvre - Domaine des BroixL'oeuvre - Le Cognac est une Musique - Domaine des Broix


Quality : Cognac Grande Champagne Volume : 70cl Proof : 40°

Cognac is an Art

L’Œuvre is a Cognac of the Cognac Grande Champagne appellation. It is unique, belonging as it does to the single-vineyard category produced by just one estate with exceptional eaux-de-vie. The Cognac comes from a special vineyard like no other, defined by its natural properties, for even the neighbouring vines produce sensations that are slightly different... That is the magic of the terroir...


The colour is deep amber with dark golden tints. The bouquet is noble, elegant and refined, opening up little by little as time goes by. Smooth flavours of ripe fruit, apple, quince and apricot from the Grande Champagne terroir lead into hints of vanilla. Restrained orange peel flavours blend into the smooth velvet of dark chocolate. Noble aromas of eaux-de-vie aged for several years, with exotic spices, nutmeg, resin and wood, touches of leather. An elaborate yet discreet flavour combines power with rounded mildness, lingering on the palate to give the most refined of pleasures.

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