Ugni Blanc - Domaine des Broix
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Winery Domaine des Broix


Domaine des Broix is in the small Charentes village of Touzac, in the heart of Grande Champagne, flagship of the Cognac terroirs.


For 180 years, successive generations of vine-growers have passed down their passion for the estate and their love for Cognac.


Today, the estate covers 34 hectares planted with Ugni Blanc vines. Its facilities - Charentes still, ageing cellar and paradis - and Cellar Master guarantee eaux-de-vie of the highest standard.


The specific features of this exceptional terroir give the eaux-de-vie of Domaine des Broix unique flavour, shaping unique “single vineyard” Cognacs, rare products with lots of character in elegant bottle presentations, such as “L’Œuvre”, the ambassador of Domaine des Broix.

To visit you must be of legal drinking age within your country of residence