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Calendar 2013 - Domaine des BroixCalendar 2013 - Domaine des BroixCalendar 2013 - Domaine des Broix

Calendar 2013


Let there be light …

 He masterfully knows how to dress his models in the light alone, drawing the intricate patterns on their chiseled bodies.

In the design of all our products the rays of sunshine and studio flash are the integral elements of the décor, allowing the emphasis of the elegance of forms and richness of textures and colours.

Our joint project with Dany Olivier is simply called - Lux.

This word, translated from Latin, means «light» and also reminds us of the brilliance of azure waves, luxury, the glitter of jewellery and shimmering glow of noble drinks in a glass. Together with Dany we decided to decorate bodies of young charming girls with light projections of the names and logos of our brands. Each photo in this calendar is comparable with a genuine picture and is doubtless tribute to the beauty of a woman, the beauty of the world, the beauty of inspiration…

Dany Olivier was born in 1969, lives and works in Paris.

The supporter of simplicity in photographing and cleanliness of the received images, this artist possesses rare quality in the world of a modern photo : it never would be a question of a make-up, accessories, filters or about postproduction software.


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Les Bijoux du Domaine des Broix.

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