Moscow 2007 - Domaine des Broix
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Moscow 2007 - Domaine des BroixMoscow 2007 - Domaine des BroixMoscow 2007 - Domaine des BroixMoscow 2007 - Domaine des BroixMoscow 2007 - Domaine des BroixMoscow 2007 - Domaine des Broix

Драгоценности Домен де Бруа


Precious French land has brought the first fruits to group “KIN”

A premiere of new exquisite cognacs of group “KIN” “Jewelry of Domain des Broix” took place in Moscow on November 29th 2007. Moscow esthetes, noble drink connoisseurs (business-elite, actors, musicians, representatives of show-business) got a chance to become acquainted with three absolutely new cognacs – luxurious “Domain des Broix l’Oeuvre” and bright and unusual “Vieille Ville” XO and Extra. Presentation of these cognacs reflects a unique moment in development for Russian cognac business. A few years ago group “KIN” – the first one among domestic companies – bought elite vineyards in the best zone of the Cognac region and in November 2007 were able to unveil the cognacs under their own brand “Domain des Broix”. The chief technologist of group “KIN” Marina Tyagileva worked on assembling the collection in close cooperation with French colleagues, who claim that the first cognac with French origin was created considering the tastes of Russian consumer. Cognac “Domain des Broix l’Oeuvre” (“l’Oeuvre in French means “creation”) became the pride of the company, it can rightfully be called a symbol of “new luxury” concept.


A collection of jewelry – made especially for cognacs of “Domain des Broix” according to the sketches made by the creative director of group “KIN” Philippe Seys – was presented to about 500 people on November 29th. This collection shows the perfect harmony between Cognac and Jewel. In honor of the birth of cognacs of “Domain des Broix” the evening guests were presented with an exhibition of inmost photographs by Vladimir Klaviho-Telepnev, where woman’s divine beauty inspires depth and sophistication of the first Cognac with a Russian soul and a French heart. Luxury and uniqueness of the evening was underlined by series of ballet compositions with artists from Bolshoi, Mariinskii and Musical theaters of Stanislavkii and Nemirovicha-Danchenko, staged by a people’s artist of Russia – Andris Liepa. The culmination of the evening was birth of the star “Domain des Broix l’Oeuvre”, after which chairman of the board of directors of group “KIN” Armen Eganyan addressed the audience: “Why do we think that a carafe of l’Oeuvre cognac is a jewel? There is a simple explanation for that. Jewelry present is a proof of love. Our cognac is also a love story, because there cannot be a great cognac without a love story. Every single person in our team has passion – we are in love with the vineyards of Charente, with the morning fog, which envelopes the grapes before they get covered in sunlight. We are in love with warm summer rains that give soil such a special aroma. But he doesn’t complain, quite the contrary… because anyone who has crossed the doorstep of the distillery will forever remember the Aromas and Magic of the alembics. In fact cognac is a love story, passionate and sensual love that almost drives you crazy. We have put all of our love and skill into this cognac. That is why trying cognac “Domain des Broix” is like touching happiness! Let us be happy today!”.


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