Denis Matsuev - Domaine des Broix Concert 2008
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Denis Matsuev - Domaine des Broix Concert 2008 Denis Matsuev - Domaine des Broix Concert 2008 Denis Matsuev - Domaine des Broix Concert 2008 Denis Matsuev - Domaine des Broix Concert 2008 Denis Matsuev - Domaine des Broix Concert 2008 Denis Matsuev - Domaine des Broix Concert 2008

Cognac is a Music


The magic melody of Cognac.

The most outstanding event of these days, was the concert of a world-famous young Russian pianist Denis Matsuev. A unique event for a quiet French province has gathered all the elite of Cognac region.Svetoslav Belza, an honored Russian artist, opened the night. He drew poetic parallels between the difficult cognac notes and nuances of the music composition.


The concert was taking place on the vineyards under the open sky, where unfortunately it is not possible to play very often, – said Denis Matsuev. – In Europe the tradition of salon music evenings, where great masters, such as Bach, Mozart and Beethoven played was lost. Holding such evenings, like the one that « KIN » organized in Cognac region, – is a very interesting practice. It’s useful to play such concerts from time to time. There is a completely different atmosphere and contact with the public. No matter what, when I come out to play, I first think about the image of the composition – so it reaches the heart of the listener. On one hand it’s easier here, but on the other – there are technical difficulties. But it’s worth going for in order to keep the amazing contact between the soloist and spectator.  And today it happened! It doesn’t matter that the concert was taking place outdoors and for the instruments it’s a difficult « atmosphere » with the temperature changes. All of this is compensated by the energy recoil of the public and energy of the earth itself at the vineyards.


Denis told us, that, being a true Siberian, he can appreciate hard liquors and prefers good quality elite alcohol, made by true masters at their job. « I love everything made by true professionals, - said the Russian pianist, - and there is no doubt in my mind regarding the professionalism of group « KIN ». It’s the first time i got to play in such ambiance: amazing vineyards, amazing Cognac province... Being able to feel the magic of this place is priceless ». In the end of the evening Armen Eganyan presented a rare, nominal bottle of l’Œevre cognac with gold engraved dedicatory inscription to Denis Matsuev. We can be sure of the fact that Denis has rated this unique domain cognac very highly: the world-famous pianist promised to celebrate his marriage with a glass of l’Œevre among the vineyards. Denis Matsuev’s virtuosic playing, that made the huge concert grand piano Yamaha, which was delivered from Paris especially for this occasion, sound incredibly powerful, in alliance with an almost mystical spectacle of vineyards illuminated by multicolored spotlights, gave birth to completely unique emotions. Both Russian and French public accepted the talented pianist with enthusiasm.


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